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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch/powerpc/oea

>>> Every header file should include the things it requires to compile.

I've long felt this way: that, except for a very few examples like
<assert.h> that are defined to depend on context, the order of
#includes should not matter.  In particular, if multiple files must be
included, any of them may come first - so any file that generates
errors if it's included first needs fixing.  (Well, unless it's an
internal file, one that shouldn't be included directly.)

I've got numerous fixes to 4.0.1 for such issues, in case anyone thinks
it's worth applying this stance to 4.x.

> [...] just forward declarations of the structs.

> (this is, btw, one of the reasons to avoid silly typedefs)

I'm not sure what typedefs have to do with it.  typedeffing a name to
an incomplete ("forward") struct type works just fine:

struct foo;
typedef struct foo FOO;

(You can't do anything with a FOO without completing the struct type,
but you can work with pointers to them....)

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