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Re: mutexes, locks and so on...

On 11/12/10 16:12, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
Oh well!  I guess I should go away now.

And me, and everyone else running anything but x86_64 (and, maybe,
i386; I don't know whether that's sufficiently modern to count).

Yes, please go.

Ooo. Really friendly here. Yes, excellent idea. Drive people away. That will surely help. Please remind me again, why would people in general want to run NetBSD instead of Linux or FreeBSD?

Compilers that page themselves to death unless given over twice the RAM
a uV2 maxes out at.  Decisions driven by "a megabyte of disk costs
what, $0.00008?".  Now this.

It's requirements of application.

Indeed. Unfortunate, but not really that much that the kernel can do something about. But der Mouse also said "Now this.", which was not a reference to applications...

bqt, wanna start a fork?  Looks as though NetBSD no longer supports
most of the architectures it used to.

NetBSD/sun2 5.1 still works on multiuser (though gcc won't work on it).
It shows scalability of NetBSD, and it's enough for me.

Ha! Have you tried using it, or are you satisfied it passes cross-compilation?


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