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Re: mutexes, locks and so on...

On 11/12/10 15:05, Martin Husemann wrote:
On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 02:35:59PM +0100, Johnny Billquist wrote:
What I am observing is how slow NetBSD have become, which is very
obvious on a platform like the VAX. Running something like Ultrix
runs circles around NetBSD nowadays. And I'm trying to find where
all the CPU cycles are going, and mutexes and locks are one place
I've decided to focus on at the moment. Other suggestions are

Did you do any benchmarks yet comparing -current to NetBSD-4 yet?
It would be interesting to see numbers.

Sorry, no. I seem to have totally skipped NetBSD-4. I wonder if it will even work on a VAX. I remember having frequent problems with -current in the 4 timeframe on my 4000/90, while a few times when I tried the 8650, it did not boot at all.

But you are right, in that I should test a few more NetBSD versions, to see how it evolves, and when drops happen in performance. I'll see if I can get time this weekend.

Any suggestions on tests to perform?
I'm definitely going to do ping times from another (fast) machine on the same local network, which is all I currently have numbers for for both NetBSD-current, VMS and Ultrix on the same hardware.


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