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Re: XIP (Rev. 2)

On Tue, Nov 09, 2010 at 08:39:16AM -0800, Matt Thomas wrote:
> On Nov 8, 2010, at 11:25 PM, Masao Uebayashi wrote:
> >
> Besides the churn (and there is a lot of it), I think my fundamental
> problem with this incarnation of XIP is that it took a wrong approach.
> It has tried to fit itself under uvm_vnodeops and I think that's a
> fatal flaw by requiring invasive changes to contort to that decision.
> Instead, XIP should have its own pager ops uvm_xipops and vnodes should
> be set to use that in vnalloc/insmntque which is easily done since you 
> can just check for MNT_XIP in the passed mount point.
> xipops would a pgo_fault routine to handle the entering the corresponding
> PA for the faulting VA using similar logic to the genfs_getpages_xip in
> your patch.
> This avoid the entire issue about vm_pages entirely since pgo_fault will
> be calling pmap_enter directly with the correct paddr_t.  We will need
> to add a PMAP_CACHE flag as well.
> This leaves the issue of how to deal with copy-on-write (COW) page faults.
> I think the best way to deal with is for pgo_fault to return a specific
> error (EROFS seems appropriate) and let UVM deal with it.  However UVM
> doesn't know where the source data exists so we will need to add a
> int (*pgo_copy_page)(struct uvm_object *uobj, voff_t offset, paddr_t pa) 
> op to pagerops which copy one page of data from uvm_object to the
> specified pa.  This would do what we would normally use pmap_copy_page
> but we can't since we don't know the source pa and it's not a managed
> page.
> I think with this approach most of churn goes away and there is minimal
> changes to the rest of NetBSD.

I understand having a separate pager would work too.  If you go
that route, you have to give up COW.  The two layered amap/uobj is
the fundamental design of UVM.

I'd also point out that pgo_fault() is prepaired only for *special*
purposes.  My plan is to rewrite those backends to use pgo_get().
Then use single pmap_enter().

Both of yours and mine are possible, and there're pros and cons.

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