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Re: XIP (Rev. 2)

A big problem with the XIP thread is that it is simply not palatable.
It takes a lot of commitment just to read the thread, not to mention
putting out a sensible review comments like e.g. Chuq and Matt have done.
The issue is complex and the code involved is even more so.  However,
that is no excuse for a confusing presentation.  It seems like hardly
anyone can follow what is going on, and usually that signals that the
audience is not the root of the problem.

A while back chuq promised to send a mail classifying his points
into clear showstopers and issues which can be handled post-merge.
Let's start with that list (hopefully we'll get it soon) and see what
exactly are the relevant issues remaining and solve *only* those issues.

What needs to stop is threading to other areas because $subsystem is
broken beyond repair.  We know, but let's just handle the problems
relevant to XIP for now.

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