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Re: Fixes for kern/40018 -- any chance of getting these pulled into the -current and 5.x trees?

On Mon September 27 2010 10:18:48 Brian Buhrow wrote:
>       Hello Sverre.  While doing your testing, also watch the output of
> netstat -s.  Specifically, We're interested to see if you see a large
> number of packets dropped due to checksum failures.  The patch I provided
> affects tcp and udp packets.  Look for output similar to the following:

I'm not. It looks perfectly clean:

        9268392 packets received
                7726606 acks (for 15646193744 bytes)
                0 duplicate acks
                0 acks for unsent data
                1611760 packets (2242462516 bytes) received in-sequence
                1454 completely duplicate packets (232 bytes)
                0 old duplicate packets
                0 packets with some dup. data (0 bytes duped)
                1555 out-of-order packets (0 bytes)
                0 packets (0 bytes) of data after window
                0 window probes
                1188 window update packets
                776 packets received after close
                0 discarded for bad checksums
                0 discarded for bad header offset fields
                0 discarded because packet too short
        141668 datagrams received
        0 with incomplete header
        0 with bad data length field
        0 with bad checksum
        3 dropped due to no socket
        6825 broadcast/multicast datagrams dropped due to no socket
        0 dropped due to full socket buffers
        134840 delivered
        139971 PCB hash misses
        134876 datagrams output


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