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Re: where is my memory?

>>> total memory = 2047 MB
>>> avail memory = 1999 MB
>> total memory = 256 MB
>> avail memory = 239 MB
> Some graphics chips, especially on lower-end machines, use main
> memory, thus making it unavailable to the CPU.

It's not that simple.  I've seen this for a very long time, including
on machines with no graphics chips at all, such as 4.3 on a VAX 750.
Here's a live example; this is quoted from /var/run/dmesg.boot on a
SPARCstation LX that's my desktop at one of my workplaces:

total memory = 48688 KB
avail memory = 41676 KB

That's with a cg6 with its own private framebuffer RAM.

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