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fd code multithreaded race?


I'm looking at a KASSERT which is triggering quite rarely for me (in
terms of iterations):

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "dt->dt_ff[i]->ff_refcnt == 0" failed: file 
"/usr/allsrc/src/sys/rump/librump/rumpkern/../../../kern/kern_descrip.c", line 

Upon closer examination, it seems that this can trigger while another
thread is in fd_getfile() between upping the refcount, testing for
ff_file, and fd_putfile().  Removing the KASSERT seems to restore correct
operation, but I didn't read the code far enough to see where the race
is actually handled and what stops the code from using the wrong file.

Run tests/fs/puffs/t_fuzz mountfuzz7 in a loop.  A multiprocessor kernel
might produce a more reliable result, so set RUMP_NCPU unless you have
a multiprocessor host.  Depending on timings and how the get/put thread
runs, you might even see the refcount as 0 in the core.

Does anyone see something wrong with the analysis?  If not, I'll create
a dedidated test and file a PR.

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