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Re: power management and pseudo-devices

On Mon, 19 Jul 2010, Quentin Garnier wrote:

Include "ioconf.h" I think.

Tried that.  It works for compiling the kernel.  Unfortunately,
swwdog is included in rump, and there doesn't seem to be an ioconf.h
available for the librump build.

Well, whatever.  I don't think I want to look at that.


While you're there, I guess you could make swwdog_reboot a sysctl node.

Good point.  Would this belong in the kern or machdep sysctl tree?

I would set hw.swwdog.reboot.  And I don't understand why you bother
setting that up in swwdog_attach(), when we've just discussed there
could only be one anyway (and assuming that there could be more than
one, it seems to me that it would be plain overdesign to allow the
setting to be set per-device, but that's just me).

I figured we might relax the one-instance requirement in the future, and it doesn't seem to cost anything to plan ahead. But that's just me! :)

-int swwdog_reboot = 0;         /* set for panic instead of reboot */
+bool swwdog_reboot = 0;                /* set for panic instead of reboot */

If you change its type to bool, you might as well change the value to

Duh!  Of course!

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