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NFS hangs - now always last 5-6 minutes

I have more on our NFS hangs. When it happens lately, it almost always
lasts 5-6 minutes, and ends with this kernel message:

        short receive (548/16512) from nfs server trantor3:/users/u

The mount comes back right at that moment.

I find it very interesting that it almost always lasts 5-6 minutes. It
looks like there is something timing out, but I can't find what it is.


I've grabbed a couple of NFS patches from netbsd-5/-current which
looked like they might help this problem, but it's still happening.

    nfs_socket.c 1.185 and 1.181:
        nfs_request: fix races which break congestion window and make
        nfs client stuck.

        If send fails with EMSGSIZE for whatever reason, it's unlikely to
        succeed no matter how hard we retry.  So just fail the request.


- Brian

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