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Re: unhooking lfs from ufs

David Holland <> wrote:
>  > How would this affect UFS side?  For example, any potential code
>  > reduction and/or simplification?
> Yes. ufs_readwrite.c will become much less gross, for example. There
> used to be assorted LFS-only code in the ufs sources; ad@ removed the
> ifdefs some time ago but they could be resurrected and then used to
> purge the relevant code. I don't know how much code that is.
> As for deeper simplifications, I don't know without digging around a
> lot more than I have (particularly in the ext2fs code), but there
> should be some.

Good, I think it would be great to look into this.

>  > This involves significant changes, therefore enough time should be left
>  > for mailing list readers (~1 week at least, before committing anything).
> It was discussed months ago. This is a reminder/heads-up.

Where?  This mailing list is a right place where such discussions (and
decisions) should happen.


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