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ddb write and io memory


I just ran into a problem with ddb when using the "write" command on
write-only IO registers.

Unfortunately it reads the memory location before writing it, to be able to
display the previous value. That's fatal with registers which don't care
about the R/W line but take any access to a specific address as a write
access. In most cases this will write all 1-bits before writing the desired
value, which could trigger unwanted effects.

Therefore I would like to change ddb/db_write_cmd.c as in the following
--- db_write_cmd.c      7 Mar 2009 22:02:17 -0000       1.23
+++ db_write_cmd.c      30 Jan 2010 19:43:24 -0000
@@ -46,7 +46,6 @@
     db_expr_t count, const char *modif)
        db_addr_t       addr;
-       db_expr_t       old_value;
        db_expr_t       new_value;
        int             size;
        bool            wrote_one = false;
@@ -71,10 +70,8 @@
        while (db_expression(&new_value)) {
-               old_value = db_get_value(addr, size, false);
                db_printsym(addr, DB_STGY_ANY, db_printf);
-               db_printf("\t\t%s = ", db_num_to_str(old_value));
-               db_printf("%s\n", db_num_to_str(new_value));
+               db_printf("\t\t= %s\n", db_num_to_str(new_value));
                db_put_value(addr, size, new_value);
                addr += size;

Any objections? Do we absolutely need to print the old value here?

Frank Wille

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