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Re: blocksizes

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 06:54:11PM +0000, Michael van Elst wrote:
> >FYI, Windows XP creates MBR in the first sector even on a removable
> >2KB/sec MO disk and it seems to use physical block numbers.
> I haven't found an official spec for MBR on non-512byte blocks, but
> so far everyone seems to use the first 512 bytes from LBA 0.

That is my suspicion - which probably means most of the boot code doesn't
know about the actual sector size!
After all, overrunning the read to 0x7e00 has little impact!

Netbsd's fdisk could be changed to do 8k reads (as I changed installboot).
But that might cause a problem is there are insufficient unused sectors
before the first partition (or next partition for the extended partition


David Laight:

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