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Re: Missing ACPI PCI devices in acpi_pcidev_scan

Christoph Egger wrote:

I have a newer version of the ACPI display patch. I implemented _BCL,
_BCM and _BQC methods and it detects all device capabilities.

That's great news! I couldn't find it in -current or in the list, is it available at some other place? I also intend to refactor the rest of my old patch (hotkeys + brightness control on Fujitsu lifebooks). It relied on the ACPI display patch, and I'd rather use the newer version.

I appreciate it very much if you get acpi bus scanning done.
The way you propose sounds right to me.

I'll wait a bit to let others react on that topic, and then I'll start working on it.

Note, there's some pci bus scanning code in sys/arch/x86/x86/mpacpi.c.

Ok, thanks for the tip.

Also note, this pci bus scanning code doesn't work on machines with
more than one PCI host controllers since it ignores the _SEG method.

Could you please shed some light on what this _SEG is used for? The ACPI spec mentions PCI segments, but these are called PCI domains in other contexts, and I could not find any reference to this information in sys/dev/pci/pcivar.h.

It's not a problem for the ACPI code, it's just that I wonder how a PCI device (in sys/dev/pci) could know it's PCI segment/domain.


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