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Re: UVM related crash

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 12:45:57PM -0600, Zach Wegner wrote:
 > Thanks for the response. I suppose it might be possible, I have cvs
 > update'd some dirs and not others. Only the kernel was built, the
 > userland is from a binary .iso installation.

If you don't do that carefully you can easily get results that don't
work, yes...

Having the wrong version string suggests that src/sys/sys/param.h (and
maybe the rest of that directory too) either hasn't been updated since
well before 5.0 or got locked down to a specific date or revision at
some point.

 > I believe I still have the original binary kernel, I suppose I'll try
 > that. Or should I do a fresh update of the whole src/sys and rebuild?

Unless there's some strong reason not to I would probably just update
to the latest 5.0_STABLE (head of the netbsd-5 branch).

Be sure to use the -A option of cvs update to make sure you really get
the whole update.

David A. Holland

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