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MIPS Alchemy machine don't boot

Hi! all,

This original message posted To: port-mips@ and port-evbmips@ by me.

Also this file too.

I cannot solve this problem... X-<


--- original message ---
Hi! all

My MIPS Alchemy machine(OMSAL400) is reported on the error the other day
and doesn't boot.

YAMON> go 80100000
MIPS32/64 params: cpu arch: 32
MIPS32/64 params: TLB entries: 32
MIPS32/64 params: Icache: line = 32, total = 16384, ways = 4
                 sets = 128
MIPS32/64 params: Dcache: line = 32, total = 16384, ways = 4
                 sets = 128
  picache_stride    = 4096
  picache_loopcount = 4
  pdcache_stride    = 4096
  pdcache_loopcount = 4
  Dcache is coherent
  Icache is coherent against Dcache
Memory size: 0x08000000
pid 0(system): trap: reserved instruction in kernel mode
status=0x2, cause=0x80808028, epc=0x8020b8a4, vaddr=0xc7df50df tf=0x804f8de8 ksp
=0x804f8e48 ra=0x802e2e58
Stopped in pid 0.1 (system) at  0x8020b8a4:     bne     t0,zero,0x8020b8c0
                bdslot: daddu   t2,s7,zero

I look the current kernel and the old kernel.  The instruction is obviously

current kernel:
  8020b8a0 <mutex_enter>:
  8020b8a0:       c0880000        lwc0    $8,0(a0)
  8020b8a4:       15000006        bnez    t0,8020b8c0 <mutex_enter+0x20>
  8020b8a8:       02e0502d        0x2e0502d
  8020b8ac:       e08a0000        swc0    $10,0(a0)
  8020b8b0:       1140fffc        beqz    t2,8020b8a4 <mutex_enter+0x4>
  8020b8b4:       c0880000        lwc0    $8,0(a0)


old kernel:
  8020a4ec <mutex_enter>:
  8020a4ec:       c0880000        lwc0    $8,0(a0)
  8020a4f0:       15000006        bnez    t0,8020a50c <mutex_enter+0x20>
  8020a4f4:       00175021        addu    t2,zero,s7
  8020a4f8:       e08a0000        swc0    $10,0(a0)
  8020a4fc:       1140fffc        beqz    t2,8020a4f0 <mutex_enter+0x4>
  8020a500:       c0880000        lwc0    $8,0(a0)


I do not know to solve this error.  Do I only have to specify optional
CPUFLAGS? or other better method?


Also you can see port-sgimips@...  ;-<

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