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Re: Time to prune some drivers? ISA SCSI, tape, etc.

> We dropped support for genuine i386 systems a wile ago now, but we
> are still carrying around a bunch of legacy drivers that should
> probably go... namely ISA SCSI, tape controller, and CD-ROM
> controller drivers.

> Any reason to keep them around?

> adv_isa
> aha_isa
> ahc_isa
> aic_isa
> bha_isa
> esp_isa
> mcd.c
> seagate
> uha_isa
> wt

I believe I have the hardware for at least a few of those, and I
definitely have some post-80386 boards with ISA slots.

Whether this is an argument for or against, of course, you will have to
decide for yourself. :)  ...yourselves, I guess, since this is going to
the list.

I don't recall which ones I have hardware for.  The ones that seem
likely to me are aha, ahc, aic, and bha, but I'd have to go through my
hardware to see, something I'm in the wrong city to do now.

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