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Re: touchpanel support for ums(4)


At Thu, 26 Nov 2009 16:30:15 +0100,
Marc Balmer wrote:
> The following diff adds support for touchpanels to the ums(4) driver.
> Touchpanels report the position in absolute coordinates and not as relative
> deltas.  The following assumptions are made to keep the changes small:
> - If either the X or Y axis reports absolute values, the other axis does, too
> - The Z and W axis are never absolute
> This makes touchscreens work that report themselves as USB HID devices, e.g.
> the touchscreen built into the EeeTOP line of ASUS desktops while not changing
> the behaviour of normal USB mice.

how about calibration?

this uses tpcalib_* functions.

tpctl(8) need to be generalized...


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