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Re: fetch32/store32 et al

In article <>,
Mindaugas Rasiukevicius  <> wrote:
>Unless anyone objects, I would like to replace current fuword(), suword()
>and friends with a little bit better API:
>       int     fetch32(void *addr, uint32_t *c);
>       int     store32(void *addr, uint32_t c);
>And equivalent routines to fetch/store 8, 16 and 64 (if needed) bit values.
>Routines would return 0 on success and EFAULT on failure.
>Rationale:  1) there are already bugs in the tree where incorrect sizes of
>"word" are assumed (e.g. see amd64 fuword)  2) currently, fuword() et al
>cannot return -1 as a value.
>Also, this would be consistent with atomic_ops(3) and would close PR/2512.

Sounds good to me...


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