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sysctl(3) and strings


I've been trying to use sysctlbyname(3) to set a new string value to a
MIB node that's already created. ( and is of type CTLTYPE_STRING ).
Turns out setting a new string is allowed as long as the length of the
new string is less than that of the current string associated with
that node.

1515     * hmm...not done.  must now "copy in" new value.  re-adjust
1516     * sz to maximum value (strings are "weird").
1517     */
1518    sz = rnode->sysctl_size;


1555            if (newlen > sz)
1556                    return (EINVAL);

Looks like "re-adjust sz to maximum value" isn't what is intended here
( at least according to the man page ).

Is this an error or a feature ?


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