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Re: kernel build environment versioning?

>> Is there any kind of preprocessor-testable version ID when building
>> the kernel?
> Have you ever wondered where the kernel version was set?

Yes.  However, that is a string, which is not useful in a #if line.
(My poking around _did_ find a string version, but that was no use.)

> __NetBSD_Version__ was added in 1.3C, according to cvs log, so it is
> prehistoric enough, even for you.

(and I got an off-list mail pointing me at <sys/param.h>).  Thank you
very much, both you and my off-list informant.

Now, I wonder why my investigation didn't find this; my impression and
experience are that <sys/param.h> is pretty much necessary for all
kernel code, so I'm curious how I didn't find it.  I'll have to see if
I can figure that out.

In the meantime, though, my immediate desire is filled.  Thanks again!

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