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re: swap space leak in 5.0_STABLE

   > I have a bunch of i386 systems running 5.0_STABLE from about 21 July.
   > They appear to have a problem with swap space exhaustion that is new (only 
   > started noticing it with this kernel version).
   > Previously these machines would have been running a 5.0_STABLE from about 
   > 26 June so is there a change in that month that could explain this?
   > cheers
   > mark
   Hmm the one suspicious process I see is the Xorg one which appears to
   be using up much more virtual space than it normally should...  I think
   that there were xorg related changes on netbsd-5 too.  Does restarting
   X11 return the system to a normal state?

i think this is OK.  my Xorg appears to be using 470MB of VA,
but it doesn't have this issue.

processes show the entire mapped space they have these days
and some of the graphics cards allow for large mappings.


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