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Re: Implement mode_select for atapi tape drives

On Sat, 8 Aug 2009, Marc Balmer wrote:

BTW, I really don't particularly care for the constant 12 in the calculation of the {atapi,scsi}_select_len values! In my opinion, we should rewrite these as

        atapi_select_len = sizeof(atapi_select.header) +
                           sizeof(atapi_select.blk_desc) +

Oh, indeed.


Revision 3 of the patch is attached to this E-mail. Unless anyone objects, I'll commit this towards the end of next week. (If someone thinks there's some urgency in committing sooner, please let me know.)

Looks like the scsi code, in general, could probably use a major tune-up. :) (No, I'm not volunteering, at least not yet.)

haha.  thanks for volunteering ;)

I'd actually enjoy doing this, I just don't have the necessary time to spend on it to do a thorough job of it, and I'm not sure that a one-piece-at-a-time approach is adequate.

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