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[HEADS UP] zfs import

Hi folks,

I have imported zfs source tree into the NetBSD base system today.
Kernel part needs some fixes which needs proper review and I will
commit them later this weekend, but otherwise zfs should compile.

I was able to build kernel on zfs file sytem with needed kernel patches.
Everyone should stay calm and not try to use/compile zfs for now I will
sent another HEADS UP when zfs reach state where it can be compiled and

There are these know issues:

1) Support for openat/fstatat syscalls.
2) getnewvnode locking against myself panic when reclaiming vnodes
3) Replace solaris taskq with our workqueue which doesn't need to alloc
   anything during work.
4) Investigate problems with NO_WAIT allocations.

P.S I would like to thank you to Andrew Doran for his great help with this project. I would like to say thank you to Oliver Gould who started this port long time ago.



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