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Re: factoring out the change_root() and making exporting change_{root,dir}() as interface

Christoph Badura wrote:
I'd like to factor out the common code of the *chroot syscalls like in
the following patch.  I'd also like to export change_dir() and the new
change_root() as an interface from vfs_syscalls.h

I want to use change_dir() and change_root() in a different kernel module.

I've been the code in 5.99.4 kernel for a while.  But this is the diff ported
to 5.99.15 for discussion purposes.

Comments? Objections?

At the moment both of the exported change root interfaces call kauth(9)
to authorize the operation. Your patch exposes the internals,
change_root(), allowing to bypass authorization. Is this your intention?
if so, why?



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