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Re: Problems with hangs under NetBSD-5.x

Sverre Froyen <> wrote:
> Does this warrant a PR?  The information is pretty limited.  I've attached
> the output from ps.

Yes, but more information is definitely need. Few things before that:

- Can you try to compile a latest kernel from netbsd-5 branch? There is one
  deadlock fix in VFS layer.

- Can you get into DDB and get a backtrace of LWPs which are stuck?

- Have you tried to leave only one CPU online and see if problem still occurs?
  See cpuctl(8) man page.

> > 5.  I'm not using WAPBL, in fact, I don't have it built in my kernel.  I
> > am,however, using ffs with softdep.
> No softdep and I've now seen this with and without WAPBL.

WAPBL is strongly recommended over softdep. Note that softdep is actually
removed in -current, and wont be in further releases.


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