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Re: NiLFS(2) import

Reinoud Zandijk said;

as some of you might have learned, i'd like to import my work on NiLFS
support. NiLFS stands for New implementation of Logging File System; ...
It is said to perform
very well on flash media since it is not overwriting pieces apart from a
incidental update of the superblock, but that might change. It is accompanied
by a cleaner to clean up the segments and recover lost space.

That's a fatastic news.  How well the on-disc format copes with bare NAND
chip parametrics; say 512B small NAND case and/or 2048B large NAND

It's fairly easy and pretty economical to use bare NAND chip for embeded
NetBSD rootfs.  The design issue is wear-leveling, asymmetric nature of
erase/write size and bad block management.  How is NiLFS approaching?

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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