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Re: 5.0: locking panic when running atf-run as root

On Wed, 15 Jul 2009, David Holland wrote:
Is this a known problem?

I don't think so.

Is this on a WABPL volume?


% mount
/dev/wd0a on / type ffs (log, local)

Disabling journalling does *not* trigger the panic!

FWIW, last output from atf-run when the panic happens is:

        tp-end: fs/tmpfs/t_sockets
        tp-start: fs/tmpfs/t_readdir, 4
        tc-start: dots
        tc-so:Checking command [mkdir /tmp/atf.24011a/mntpt]
        tc-so:Checking command [mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /tmp/atf.24011a/mntpt]
        tc-so:Checking command [/bin/ls -a]
        tc-se:mv: rename /tmp/atf.24011a/aux-stdout to /tmp/atf.24011a/stdout: 
No such file or directory

Running just "atf-run t_sockets" in /usr/tests/fs/tmpfs did *not* trigger the panic. Just running "atf-run" in there does, though, so I guess there's something else introducing the panic, and it's triggered later.
(Wild guess - I have no idea on the details)

 - Hubert

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