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sc->sc_dk.dk_copenmask == 1 after /etc/rc.d/fsck_root

fsck_ffs opens the root filesystem on /dev/sd0a during boot.  Before
it does so, sd0's sc->sc_dk.dk_copenmask member is 0.  After fsck_ffs
has finished, dk_copenmask is 1.  I can stop the kernel when it opens
/dev/sd0a with breakpoints at cdev_open, sdopen, VOP_OPEN, vn_open,
and spec_open.  I cannot stop the kernel at a corresponding VOP_CLOSE,
vn_close, spec_close, cdev_close, or sdclose call during a fsck_ffs
system call.  It is a mystery to me how fsck_ffs can open the device and
(seemingly) never close it, not even implicitly.  Any ideas what's going

dk_copenmask never returns to 0, not even during shutdown.

As a consequence of this dk_copenmask I am running 5.99.15.  The problem
seems to be relatively new.


David Young             OJC Technologies      Urbana, IL * (217) 278-3933

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