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current, coda and modules ...


   I'm running 5.99.15 and need to get Coda running on my machine.
Ever since I went to a 5.99.XX kernel I have not been able to get
Coda running.  It always says something like this:

11:33:27 Coda Venus, version 6.9.2
11:33:27 Probably another Venus is running! open failed for 
/dev/cfs0,/dev/coda/0, exiting

Yes, I know I can do a custom kernel with no modules, but I'd rather
make sure we can get the coda module working properly.  Can someone
help set me on the right track?

   a)  I couldn't seem to force a load of the module.  modload didn't
        like it and I haven't seen anything else old e-mails to tech-kern@
        that could help me.

   b)  Should the kernel auto load if venus starts running and tries to
        open /dev/cfs0?  Venus just does a regular 
        'open("/dev/cfs0", O_RDWR, 0)' and if that fails, (which it does)
        venus then shutdowns and doesn't try anything else.



Phil Nelson (phil at
NetBSD:  Coda:

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