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Re: mos(4) port

Hello again,

I forgot the URL with semi-ported sources. Anyone willing to help please look here:

You find there sources and diffs that are applicable against netbsd-5 (didn't test with current, although there shouldn't be big (if any) difference).

There are two diff files, the first one (head.diff) is the diff against the relevant part of the original NetBSD tree, and the second one (obsd.diff) is the diff against the original OpenBSD drivers.

It's work in progress, so the sources doesn't look nice. Also, I tried to make only necessary changes. So most of the content is original work of guy(s) from OpenBSD and guys mentioned in the copyright at the beginning of respective files. I did adjustments, but I didn't tried to keep the final work compilable under OpenBSD.

-- Juraj

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