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Re: device module auto loading fix


Hi folks,

I tried to look at issue reported by nicholas (kernel panic during cd boot).
And I found that there areat least two bugs which lead to this panic.

1) [bc]dev_open

In spec_open [1] we try to open device and when open function fails with ENXIO which means that device was not found in a list, we try to autoload it. Problem is that wecan get ENXIO even when driver is already present in kernel. This is issue reported by nicholas. Attached diff adds new only in
kernel errno ENODEVSW which is reported by [bc]dev_open routine when
[bc]dev_lookup function fails.

To be clear here I do not need to add new errno, what I need is distinguish
between error in bdev_lookup and device open routine.

I haven't received any comments to this patch. I would like to commit this patch
soon so if you have any pleas speak up.

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P.S I would like to commit cd.diff to but I'm not comfortable with that code so it would be better if someone else with more knowledge can commit/fix booting from cd on -current.

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