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[GSOC] ZFS port

Hi folks,

I'm considering joining to Google Summer of code this year again. I would like to do something
new and different from Linux lvm stuff which I did last year.

I talked with Andrew and Greg oster about mentoring my application and andrew is willing to be
my mentor with greg as a co-mentor.

I have created this application which describes what I want to achieve during soc time.

In Summary: there are to major tasks fix solaris module/get zfs module working and
            port zfs zpl(file system layer) to NetBSD vnode/vfs subsystems.

1. Solaris Module
Fix all remaining bugs in solaris module so it can be properly loaded.
   ETA: Before Coding period start
2. libzpool and ztest
Test userland port of zpool and with zdb and ztest, try to run it in a loop for one day and fix all remaining bugs which I will be able to find with it. This task is required with
   zfs module task.
   ETA: Before Midterm
3. ZFS Module
Add stub zpl functions to zfs module, compile/link it and fix all found bugs.
   ETA: Before Midterm
4. ZFS Module ZPL layer
This is the major task, where I will need to port ZFS zpl(file system layer) to NetBSD vnode/vfs subsystems. In this part I can use FreeBSD/Opensolaris zfs implementations. This is needed to get ZFS as a filesystem
   working on NetBSD.
   ETA: Before End term

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