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Re: RLIMIT_AS and fixed process size calculations patch

In article <>,
matthew green  <> wrote:
>hi folks.
>the patch below implements 3 things:
>       1 - adds a new RLIMIT_AS (aka RLIMIT_VMEM) resource that limits
>       the total address space available to processes.  this limit
>       exists in most other modern unix variants, and like most of
>       them, our defaults are unlimited.
>       2 - adds the VMCMD_STACK flag to all the stack-creation vmcmd
>       callers.  it is currently unused, but was added a few years ago.
>       3 - adds a pair of new process size values to kinfo_proc2{}. 
>       one is the total size of the process memory map, and the other
>       is the total size adjusted for unused stack space (since most
>       processes have a lot of this...)
>i plan to commit this in a couple of days.  please comment.

And the compat code needs adjusting....


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