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Several questions about translators


I'm not sure whether this is the right ML for my questions, so I beg
my pardon if it's wrong :-)

My name is Sergiu Ivanov; I am GNU/Hurd hacker. I am the developer of
project nsmux (, which
implements namespace-based translator selection on
GNU/Hurd. Namespace-based translator selection is an efficient
technique of managing translators, designed by Olaf Buddenhagen
<> and implemented by me in nsmux translator.

If something is not clear in the above description, I would be happy
to give further details.

I heard (and read) that GNU/Hurd-like translators have been
implemented on NetBSD platform. As far as I could understand from , the corresponding
GSoC project was a success and the translator infrastructure is
(basically) complete.

My questions come:

1. Is the translator infrastructure fully complete and can I try to
   implement some translator-based project?

2. What kind of translator-based project would be welcome? (I can make
   my own suggestions, but I suppose there already are some pending
   ideas regarding this detail)

My questions arise partly due to the coming GSoC, since I would very
much like to work for NetBSD in the summer. However, I have just a
simple interest, too: I like the idea of translators very much and
would be happy to see a complete translator infrastructure with
interesting features on one of mainstream operating systems.

I don't have NetBSD programming experience (to tell nothing of NetBSD
kernel programming :-( ) However, I have a generally large programming
experience (I could give details if necessary) and I suppose my lack
of experience on NetBSD could be eliminated even before the end of

I will be present rather often on #netbsd-code channel under the
nickname ``scolobb'' (in case somebody would like to ask me something


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