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Re: Signal handling after SIGCONT, PR/39814 related

>>>>> On Thu, 26 Mar 2009 09:44:45 +0000,
        Mindaugas Rasiukevicius <> said:

> (Michael van Elst) wrote:
>> >However, unlike NetBSD, both Linux and (Open)Solaris do not process SIGKILL
>> >until SIGCONT is sent.
>> Why do you believe so?

> Have you tried to write a program (or take one from PR) and test?

Yes, the result was:
- the SIGKILL signal was immediately delivered to the process
- the process was immediately killed by the signal
on both Linux and Solaris.

But the output of the (modified) program in the PR/39814 was
"PID XXX still exists." on both Linux on Solaris.
This is not because the process was not killed, but because
kill(pid, 0) succeeds against zombie (i.e. defunct) processes
on both Linux on Solaris.
On NetBSD, kill(pid, 0) fails against zombie processes, and that
makes the difference of the output.

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