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Re: [GSoC] Remote kernel debugging over Ethernet

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 09:12:26PM -0700, George Georgalis wrote:

> I don't know if there was any reason the 1394 debugger stopped
> being supported but I suspect was just a matter of no maintainer
> as freebsd went to 6.0.

For somewone who knows the code reasonably well this should take no more
than a couple of hours to implement and document in NetBSD. The needed code
changes are all in libkvm and are trivial. [This assumes that our in-kernel
firewire layer is up to it.]

It wouldn't handle modular kernels properly, unless you grab a copy of
/dev/ksyms from the target system beforehand. Even better, one could modify
libkvm to grab symbols from the core image. That would be slightly more
involved, but savecore already contains code to produce a fake ELF binary
from the core image so it would just be a case of adapting that.

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