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Re: RAIDframe nested autoconfiguration

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 03:17:51PM -0400, der Mouse wrote:
> >> In passing, is there a way to boot with raid autoconfiguration
> >> suppressed?
> > One might think that booting with -c and doing "disable raid" or
> > "disable raid0" at the userconf(4) prompt would do something, and one
> > would be wrong.  This should probably be fixed.
> Well...I'd only semi-expect that, because raid does not appear in the
> autoconf device tree.  (I've sometimes wondered why we don't have a
> pseudo-bus for pseudo-devices to attach to, to bring them into the
> autoconf tree.  One advantage would be that things like this would come
> for free.  I did a pseudo-bus at one point for 1.4T; it seemed to
> require per-port fiddling, and I pretty much dropped it.)

There are two distinct issues there.  One is getting raid(4) to use a
device_t object for its devices (essentially putting them in some way in
the device tree).  The other is of course making pseudo_attach_device()
honor userconf(4) settings.  I think right now neither are done.

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