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5.0_RC2 sparc64 LOCKDEBUG kernel(s) non-bootable?

Trying to get some more info on the RaidFrame lockups I've been seeing on
my SunFire V100 lately, I attempted to build a LOCKDEBUG kernel for that
box from latest netbsd-5 sources.  The results were not good.

Any of the kernels I build which had LOCKDEBUG enabled died at boot with
a 'Fast Data Access MMU Miss'.  Updating bootblocks didn't help, and a
set of further and further trimmed down kernels didn't either.  Every
kernel I built that had LOCKDEBUG suffered from the 'Fast Data Access
MMU Miss' at boot-time; DIAGNOSTIC and DEBUG seemed ok and the kernel
I'm running now is effectively a trimmed-down GENERIC with DIAGNOSTIC
and DEBUG enabled.

So.. is anyone using LOCKDEBUG 5.0-branch kernels on sparc64 succesfully?

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