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Re: bad dir ino 4 at offset 80: mangled entry

In article <>,
newbie  <> wrote:
>Hi All,
>I am using Cygwin to build the kernel + ramdisk image to be loaded onto
>a ARM based target machine. 
>I used nbmakefs to make a custom ramdisk image and then inserted this
>image into kernel image using arm--netbsdelf-mdsetimage. 
>Then I used arm--netbsdelf-objcopy to change the image format from
>elf32-littlearm to binary. I loaded this image into the target machine's
>RAM using Lauterbach ICE.  The kernel boots successfully upto the
>following error/problem: 
>First bad, reclen=0x3b0, DIRSIZ=24, namlen=13, flags=0x5001,
>entryoffsetinblock=80, dirblksiz = 512
>/: bad dir ino 4 at offset 80: mangled entry
>panic: bad dir
>What could be the reason for this? 
>Is it to do with the tools nbmakefs, arm--netbsdelf-mdsetimage?

Perhaps the problem is that we compile the toolchain without warnings
so some functions might not have visible prototypes and could cause
errors on non-integer return values.


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