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Re: Path to kmods

der Mouse,

On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 11:40:09PM -0500, der Mouse wrote:
> > Now you seems a critic, not a developer or user.
> > What's your purpose on this thread?
> In this thread, yes, that's primarily what I am - well, user too, but
> primarily critic of the direction I saw things going.  (I use the past
> tense because of the recent voices saying that It Ain't Gonna Happen.
> I'm still slightly concerned about how far it *will* go in that
> direction, but reassured to hear it's not going as far as I feared.)

See, this is the thing.  You state your fears as done deals, and you
have to understand that there is nothing more irritating to the people
that do the work you're afraid of.

You've been waving that executable stack issue for many years now, and
let me tell you, it gets old after a while.

I know of only one sure way to keep binary compatibility.  I know of
only one sure way of keeping your (as in der Mouse's) current
experience of NetBSD.  That way is not doing anything.  And I certainly
cannot promote that solution.  And I don't think you can either, even
though you tried with your 1.4T.

> I don't have the time to devote to NetBSD I once did.  I still admin
> NetBSD systems, at home and at work, and speak mostly as a user and
> admin.  When it's one of the few things important enough for me to
> devote some of my personal time to it, or when it's something I can do
> on work time (eg, the recent "partitioning >2TB" thread), I still try
> to contribute where I can.

But that doesn't give you the right to undermine other people's work,
especially when you're so obviously not concerned by it.  The subject of
this thread is still "desktop NetBSD".

> Does this mean my value has gone negative?  Perhaps.  I suspect it
> depends on the extent to which the value metric used aligns with my
> opinions.  If the Project's opinion of my value goes negative, I expect
> to get mail from core, or board, or some such, saying so, in which case
> I'll go away.

Now that's a poor rhetoric trick you know.  Does your value has become
negative?  Generally speaking, it's very hard to say, and you know that,
because as you stated, you still contribute.

In this thread, however, I can tell you that your value is certainly
negative.  No matter what comes out of that idea of providing a NetBSD
distribution fit for a broader audience, it's not something that you
will have any final interest in, and everybody knows that.  Whining
pre-emptively against the inconvenience those ideas might cause to your
future experience of NetBSD is not something that can be considered
positive by any calculation.

The other part of the rhetoric trick is keeping your contributions
hostage.  Ah, the good old "love me or I'll kill myself" argument.  I've
been a teenager too, but I guess I remember it better than you because
it's probably a lot more recent.

Well, let me tell you how I see things here.  You pissed off Andrew big
time, and I know first hand that you pissed off some other people.  Of
course I have no control over you going or over Andrew stopping his
contributions or over other people leaving the project.  But if I were
to choose, say between you and Andrew, you'd pack a bag and hit the
road.  Sure, I wouldn't be happy about it, considering your
contributions and your awesome coding skills (even though I hate your
coding style, but I disgress), but I wouldn't hesitate.

And please get over the executable stack issue.  Please.  And let
people discuss what could be "desktop experience" of NetBSD.  There is
nothing set in stone yet, so let them try and you'll complain wh^Wif
there is something to complain about.  Heck ask Jared how I feel about
that desktop experience thing, you'll see how much that irritates him.
But I'm not selfish enough to blind myself from the value of providing
it to new and inexperienced users, so I'll just watch and see how it
goes.  And complain if there is something to complain about.

Quentin Garnier - -
"See the look on my face from staying too long in one place
[...] every time the morning breaks I know I'm closer to falling"
KT Tunstall, Saving My Face, Drastic Fantastic, 2007.

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