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Re: ACPI Issues on Lifebook P7120 (with fixes)

Jared D. McNeill wrote:

Looks mostly fine with me, although I would prefer if you could integrate brightness handling with the display switching code in the event that some obscure laptop actually implements that part of the spec.

Sure, I can try to integrate the two.

We would need a way to let the user choose whether (1) to let the BIOS perform display switching or (2) take over (_DOS call in attach funtion with arg 0x0). Would a kernel configuration option be ok for this?

I forgot to mention that the laptop-specific drivers that listen to PMFE_DISPLAY_BRIGHTNESS_UP/DOWN events might end up processing brightness events twice if acpidisplay is enabled in the kernel. This concerns sony_acpi.c and thinkpad_acpi.c.

I'm not sure how this can be properly fixed. I would propose to only rely on ACPI notifications on output devices (as in acpidisplay), except for laptops that do not send notifications there (do you know of any?).


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