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Re: Running out of memory in 4.0?

> Looks a lot like kern/40027. I've seen it mostly on netbsd-5
> and -current, but a 4.0 domU managed to exibit this symptoms
> too (it has swap on xbd, not on NFS though). As in my case,
> there is still some memory that could be reclaimed from the
> pagedaemon, but it fails to do so, and seems to be in a loop
> ...

Yes, this does indeed look similar to that problem report and the
mail thread refrenced therein.

Going back to my own submission I find:

  127927 VM pages: 76357 active, 38080 inactive, 2422 wired, 7 free
  pages  73990 anon, 37343 file, 4129 exec

    swpages=128000, swpginuse=128000, swpgonly=127997, paging=0

so I'm actually also out of virtual memory, since all swap pages
are in use.  However, "something" ought to be able to find a
victim to kill or do something else (steal an exec page?, or
steal a non-modified anon page, if there are any...), but, yes, I
guess this is the well-known problem that NetBSD doesn't behave
quite robustly when running out of virtual memory...


- Håvard

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