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Re: Lastest WAPBL update destroys the root partition


On Nov 12, 2008, at 3:32 AM, wrote:

Today's kernel (amd64) has panic'ed for WAPBL (I don't recall the exact panic message), and, after reboot, didn't boot giving "Unrecognized wapbl
type 0x00000000" error. (I could repair the file-system with
install/rescue USB drive, but the problem looks dangerous.)

I've had it a few more times, including source from an hour ago. Also saw 'Unrecognized wapbl type 0xffffffff' once, with the same result, the filesystem wouldn't mount. Running fsck cured the problem without finding anything to correct though.

Also, all reports of this problem I've seen so far were on amd64 or sparc64. I didn't see it at all on any of my 32bit boxes. Anyone with an alpha?

It's easy to trigger - just do distribution with OBJDIR on a wapbl partition. Sooner or later you get a deadlock and on reboot you'll see one or more of these errors.

have fun

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