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Re: Questions around adding a monochrome graphics/ascii display driver over gpio framework

On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Bill Blass wrote:

> - The device for which my newly developed driver supports is a monochrome 
> CrystalFontz graphical and character display
> - The CrystalFontz display uses an internal EPSON s1d13700 chip to drive the 
> display

these look awesome, so much choice!

> 2) I do not intend to operate the display as a terminal.  I intend to
> operate the display as a status display which will contain a mix of
> ascii and bitmap images.  Ideally, I'd like to see a usermode
> appliation/service drive the display, but I am unsure how the usermode
> code will interfae with the driver.

just out of interest, since you are working with a userland application to
drive this and it is hooked to GPIO, can't you use ioctls on with gpio(4)
directly to drive it? (please bear in mind that I know nothing about it
but I would have thought a hardware driver would be more useful if you
wanted to drive a wsdisplay)

(btw the website says 8-bit parallel interface for this chip, can it be
hooked to a centronics port?)


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