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Re: Status of revivesa wrote:

> > - An assertion caused by firefox3 on 4.0 environment I reporeted
> >   can't be reproducible 100%. (some race condition?)
> Yes. I believe the problem is in delivering two or more unblocked upcalls 
> at once. The second one comes out garbled. Last night, I looked at the 
> code, and I can't see a substantive difference between the two. I'll try 
> again tonight. I also have a test case program in mind.

I'm now trying firefox- (Bon Echo) from 4.0/i386 packages.
It sometimes freezes silently after ~30 minutes browsing,
but I'm not sure it's revivesa specific.

I'm also preparing mysqlbench with mysql5-server packages.
(though I'm not familiar with such database settings at all,
 at least mysqld seems running with 7 LWPs)
Izumi Tsutsui

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