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Re: Status of revivesa wrote:

> On Mon, 29 Sep 2008, Andrew Doran wrote:
> > The "compatibility problem" is a myth.
> You have a workaround, in which a special libpthread hides the
> incompatibility that remains present at the syscall level.  This
> workaround may be good enough for many purposes, but it's still not
> fair to call the compatibility problem a "myth".

Even if so, the special libpthread is a reasonable compromise for me.

How many users will have to switch kernels again and again
between 5.0 and older with the same old binary?

I've tested 4.0 and 4.99.72 kenrels with
4.0 and 4.99.72 libc and libpthread libraries,
and it took only ~60 seconds to replace and revert them.
Izumi Tsutsui

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