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Re: Status of revivesa

On Feb 18,  9:42am, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
} wrote:
} > > Or, does the "compatibility problem" only affect chroot environments
} > > where any base libraries must not be updated?
} > 
} > Yes.  But all of that has already been discussed, you know.  You could
} > have read the archives.
} But many people commented that updating base would not pain
} while they didn't want to compile all binaries.
} They might not know the discussion.
} I'm just clarifying it again and asking if it's really worth

     It has been discussed numerous times and the decision has been
made.  You're not "clarifying it again", you are simply stirring the
pot for no good reason.

} to defer 5.0 for such limited compatibity issue.

     Again, the decision has been made that this is one of the items
that WILL be going in 5.0.

}-- End of excerpt from Izumi Tsutsui

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