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re: CVS commit: src/sys/kern

     | you'd think that would be the case, but lots of inode atime updates
     | will likely be floating around the system not synced.
   First, no, unlikely - I don't think I said the system was idle, cvs
   updates (as in cvsup of the repository, then "cvs up"), scanning pkgsrc
   for any changes so distfiles can be fetched, processing lots of mail,
   etc, all mean plenty of churn in the vnode cache.

my note was just in response to your statement:

> Some of my changes occur hours after the last operations on the relevant
> filesystem (if I forget, sometimes even days) - there's no rational chance
> there is any unsync'd data (meta or otherwise) left anywhere.

when infact there can be unsync'd metadata for *years* given the
way atime updates are managed, even if the filesystem was 
completely idle since that time.

IMO, it's a bug in netbsd, and the only workaround is to attempt
to unmount the filesystem.


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