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Re: CVS commit: src/sys/kern

>>> [...remount RW filesystem RO...]
>> I gave up remounting a read-write filesystem read-only long, long
>> ago, because [it lost changes].
> When is "long, long ago"?  We have not updated our sources from the
> NetBSD trunk in about three months, but I haven't seen any sign of
> this problem.

As someone else who gave up on remounting RW->RO long ago, my "long
ago" is several years.  Whenever I need to convert RW to RO, I do a
full unmount and remount (if it's /, this means a reboot).

I haven't tried it recently, in part because I'm more paranoid than
most about losing data, in part because I still run a 1.4T-based system
on many of my machines and prefer to keep the same reflexes for
everything, and in part because even on the systems that led me to this
paranoia it was always difficult to provoke misbehaviour deliberately
and thus difficult to test.

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